Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs Sponsorship Program

Over 400 Clubs and Federations throughout Canada, the U.S. and the world are already benefiting from our program,  you can get up to 10% off on the purchase price of RSG equipment & accessories. It's a Great and Easy way of Fundraising, don't be left out.  JOIN NOW...

The aim of the program is to give your club or organization the opportunity to raise funds for the benefit of your member athletes, and to help in promoting the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

Here's how it works: by reselling to your members at the suggested retail price, the equipment that you purchase from us at a discounted price, you realize a sizeable profit, that you can use for your organization's or club's benefit.

It calls on you and your members to get together as a unified group, to pool your resources, and henceforth increase your buying power.

As a sponsor of your club or organization, D.A.M.E. Inc. will grant you discounts on the regular price of all of its product lines, excluding any special promotional sales, in accordance to the yearly price lists made available to you. These discounts will be given to you within the following parameters:

  • The profits derived shall be used exclusively for the benefit of your club or organization.
  • Exclusive sponsoring rights given to D.A.M.E. Inc., in respect to rhythmic gymnastics equipment. ( you may have other sponsors that are not linked to the sale of rhythmic gymnastics and equipment)
  • This agreement does not prohibit you from purchasing rhythmic gymnastics equipment and accessories from other suppliers.
  • The right to use the sponsor's logo or that of it's subsidiary "Romsports", on your club or organization's equipment and clothing.
  • Free banner use and showing at your club or organization's meets and competitions, along with the free publication of the sponsor’s full-page advertisement in the meet's program.
  • Free kiosk space made available to the sponsor during these meets or competitions.
  • Group photo opportunity.
  • Official recognition of D.A.M.E Inc.'s sponsorship status.
  • To cooperate in, permit and promote the publicizing of the sponsorship program, on behalf of both the sponsor and the sponsored.
  • Your qualifying purchases are cumulative over a one (1) year period. In other words they grow as your yearly purchases add up.
  • There is no contract to sign.
  • The accumulated discounts shall be applied immediately to your next invoice, inasmuch as your account is up-to-date.  The sponsorship discounts can be accumulated, but must be used within the current sponsorship year.