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New Arrivals  mondor more Underwears Available

New RR-9 Ropes arriving soon



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Starting November 9th to December 16th, 2016

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For only$1.00 10 Rolls or $.49 each
VA-PL2016_2       VA-SQ2016_2           VA-SP2016_2

For only$4.99

MO-166-W                                                  MS-1                            WS-2OZ       


For only$8.99
MS-6P        MS-9              MS-10

For only$9.99

NSQ  NVE-314R-401-1CKC-1

For only$9.99



    For only  $13.99                                         For only  $14.99                                         For only $17.99


RG                                R-49      R-414   RC-3

                                                           For only   $19.99                                                            


     RHT                             R-48R                     RJ-48R

                         For only   $19.99         For only   $20.99

                                           RTS-532016-2                                        M-740

     For only  $25.00
                                                           For only$29.99



1st come 1st serve !

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This offer is limited to all in stocks items.
Maximum quantities of 5 (after regular prices). Minimum order for this special is $100.
Sponsorship program or other discounts do not apply. Prices are in Canadian Funds.


Till December 16th, 2016

If you Buy for a minimum of $400
you get Free Shipping within Canada and USA 

(only by 
Expedited Parcel and Small Packets)

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Remember for all our US dollar customers, you can expect a 30% rebate because of our low value dollar.
So for example our RTS-53 at $26.99 CAD actually $20.92 USD

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Gymnastics Hoops

Romsports Sectional Flexible Hoop (Unassembled) R-31-FS
  • CAD $79.99 /EA
  • Retail price CAD $109.99 /EA
Romsports Junior Sectional Flexible Hoop (Unassembled) RH-2-FS
  • CAD $79.99 /EA
  • Retail price CAD $109.99 /EA
Romsports Thin Flexible Hoop R-31-TF
  • CAD $44.99 /EA
  • Retail price CAD $60.00 /EA
Romsports Flexible Hoop R-31-F
  • CAD $44.99 /EA
  • Retail price CAD $59.59 /EA

F.i.g. balls-18-20 cm

Sasaki Metallic Ball (18.5 cm) M-207M
  • CAD $159.99 /EA
  • Retail price CAD $198.99 /EA
Sasaki Tri-Color S Ball (18.5 cm) M-207S
  • CAD $159.99 /EA
  • Retail price CAD $198.99 /EA
Chacott Jewelry Ball (18.5 cm) 5358-65013
  • CAD $149.99 /EA
  • Retail price CAD $198.99 /EA
Romsports Ball (18.5 cm) R-12
  • CAD $25.99 /EA
  • Retail price CAD $39.99 /EA