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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Q & A

Can I pickup my order to save on shipping ?

 Please contact us in advance to schedule a pickup date and time.

What if I have a large/bulk quantity order with 10 or more items - can we combine multiple items to save on shipping ?

Of course, as each order has different shipping requirements, packaging and costs. Please place your order. Afterwards we will refund you any differences in shipping fees.

How do I order through your system ?

Complete Step to Process your Order.

First you have to create an account and fill out all information, don't forget your e-mail.
    Choose all your items and put it in your cart, anytime you can add, delete or modifiy your order. If we don't have your item selected in stock, it will not be possible to choose it, but you can choose a substitute products.
    Look at our weekly promotion or free coupon; Enter the name of our weekly free coupon promotion in : I have a coupon
    Choose your payment method You have 2 options for your payment. Make sure that you select one. - Payment by credit card: Master card or Visa card - Payment by Paypal
    Make sure that you fill out all informations: Billing address, shipping address, your e-mail.
    Finally choose a shipping method, otherwise your order will not pass through

How do i find the product i am looking for easily ?

That’s easy we have a very helpful search bar in the top right corner that will help you narrow down your search. So for example if you were looking for a “red sasaki ball” just type in search bar the following “red sasaki ball” and it should show results for all “red sasaki balls” that have the following search tags associated with it. And if you want to be even more specific you can browse through our catalog and enter in the code associated with the product to find that specific product for your Rhythmic Gymnastic needs.

Purchasing Gift Certificates ?

Gift Certificates are purchased just like any other item in our store. You can pay for them using the stores standard payment method(s). Once purchased the value of the Gift Certificate will be added to your own personal Gift Certificate Account. If you have funds in your Gift Certificate Account, you will notice that the amount now shows in the Shopping Cart box, and also provides a link to a page where you can send the Gift Certificate to some one via email.

How to Send Gift Certificates ?

To send a Gift Certificate you need to go to our Send Gift Certificate Page. You can find the link to this page in the Shopping Cart Box in the right hand column of each page. When you send a Gift Certificate, you need to specify the following. The name of the person you are sending the Gift Certificate to. The email address of the person you are sending the Gift Certificate to. The amount you want to send. (Note you don’t have to send the full amount that is in your Gift Certificate Account.) A short message which will appear in the email. Please ensure that you have entered all of the information correctly, although you will be given the opportunity to change this as much as you want before the email is actually sent. Also when you received a gift certificate in your account "Gift cards", you have to click to "transfer" to activate your certificate to be able to use it.

Buying with Gift Certificates?

If you have funds in your Gift Certificate Account, you can use those funds to purchase other items in our store. At the checkout stage, an extra box will appear. Enter the amount to apply from the funds in your Gift Certificate Account. Please note, you will still have to select another payment method if there is not enough in your Gift Certificate Account to cover the cost of your purchase. If you have more funds in your Gift Certificate Account than the total cost of your purchase the balance will be left in your Gift Certificate Account for the future.

Redeeming Gift Certificates ?

If you receive a Gift Certificate by email it will contain details of who sent you the Gift Certificate, along with possibly a short message from them. The email will also contain the Gift Certificate Redemption Code. It is probably a good idea to print out this email for future reference. You can now redeem the Gift Certificate in two ways.

    By clicking on the link contained within the email for this express purpose. This will take you to the store’s Redeem Gift Certificate page. You will then be requested to create an account, before the Gift Certificate is validated and placed in your Gift Certificate Account ready for you to spend it on whatever you want.
    During the checkout process, on the same page that you select a payment method there will be a box to enter a Redemption Code. Enter the Redemption Code here, and click the Redeem button. The code will be validated and the amount added to your Gift Certificate Account. You can then use the amount to purchase any item from our store.

I keep on getting this error message "15005: This Transaction Cannot Be Processed" when trying to make a payment ?

Normally this means that your bank has not approved the transaction for various security reasons. The best resolution is to call the number in the back of your card and ask them why the transaction is failing. Sometimes security systems such as AVS (Address Verification System) fails due to your address not being entered exactly as it appears on your credit cards statement. Furthermore, since we are located in Montreal, Canada and if your are trying to process from a different location, automated fraud detection systems may be set by default as you are not in the same location as us. A simple call to the number in the back of your card will normally resolve this issue promptly. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.

When other problems occur ?

For any queries regarding the our systems, please contact the store. Please make sure you give us as much information as possible.

Can i pay in advance and pick up my order at your location?

Yes just please indicate in the "special instructions" that you would like to come to our location to pick it up and one of our sales representatives will notfiy you of a date and time of when you can come to our location and pick up your order. Once contacted by our sales representative you will be credited the shipping cost.
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