What is Romsports?
Romsports is a Canadian based Rhythmic Gymnastics equipment manufacturer & distributor based out of Montreal, Canada. Romsports has been around for over fourty years.
Since 1994 we have developed high quality items preferred and used at events such as the Olympics in Atlanta, the Commonwealth games and many other major events involving elite gymnasts, recreational clubs and Gymnaestrada teams.  
Our goal at Romsports is to strive for excellence through research and development conducted with elite athletes and top coaches in order to bring you the latest and greatest products available, at one of the most affordable prices on the market. We value your comments and feedback, they allow us to improve and develop better product offerings.
Romsports has been providing rhythmic gymnasts around the world with high-end rhythmic gymnastics equipment, accessories and apparel for over 40 years. That's has been our business model till this day. But our love of the sport and drive to support gymnasts in their pursuits is what motivates us to deliver quality service to every client.
If we could be there right by your side to cheer you on that's what we'd do! But we cannot do that so instead we make sure to equip you with everything you need, so when your moment arrives to be the center stage performance you will shine as bright as the star you are.
Romsports is in awe by our clients' commitment to their competitive athletic dreams.
We're honored to be your trusted partner during long hours in training. And hope to continue to be a part of your team in your finest moment as we have done so for over 40 years.
High Customer Satisfaction
Please read our customer testimonials. You are very important to us and we'll do our best to ensure we offer you the quality service we have been renowned to offer for over 40 years.
Preferred by Top Coaches
Rest assured that some of the best coaches around the world recommend Romsports! Unsure what equipment you need? Email us and we'll share our expertise on equipment you are considering.
We Ship Everywhere
We ship EVERYWHERE in the world where mail is accepted! And we NEVER charge you more for shipping than it cost us to send. If you overpay, we'll offer you the difference as a discount on your next purchase when we calculate exact shipping or a refund.
Secure Check Out
We use SSL Encryption for all orders. This is the same technology used by top web sites like Ebay.com and PayPal. Your personal data and credit card data is transmitted through an encrypted server that is highly secure.
Top Rhythmic Brands
Romsports is proud to be an Official World Wide Supplier for Sasaki, Chacott, Mondor, Romsports and others for over 36 years.  Here at Romsports we know what Rhythmic Gymnasts need and have developed in our own workshops Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoops that are one of the best in the business thanks to our 40 years of experience in the Industry.
More on We Ship Everywhere

We'll ship to you no matter where you are in the world! Wherever there are rhythmic gymnasts, we've most likely shipped there within the last 40 years!

More on being preferred by Top Coaches
We hear a great deal of feedback from coaches (and elite gymnasts) about which equipment is the most durable, the best quality, the greatest value and much more.  If you have questions or need recommendations about certain products then please feel free to email us and we will gladly share our expertise on helping you choose the right item.

More on Secure Check Out

When you enter your credit card data in our system it is secured using the best encryption technology (SSL Certificate Encryption) available. Even our Customer Service representatives cannot see your credit card number for security purposes and we will never ever share your personal information with any other organization. If security is a concern, we offer several alternatives for doing business with us. For example, you can complete the transaction at our sister site rhythmicgymnasticsstore.ca and then we can send you a PayPal payment request via email, or you could provide payment information over the phone. Just email us and we'll gladly assist you.

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Looking for Sasaki, Chacott, Mondor, Romsports or other rhythmic gymnastics brands? Look no further! We're an Official Worldwide Supplier for all of these top quality rhythmic brands and more.