Sasaki Ball Smoother (grease) M-746
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Sasaki Ball Smoother (grease) M-746

Product Code:M-746

Sasaki ball smoother, Model number M-746.
It is a lubricant when inserting a pump needle into an air valve. In order to use important balls for a long time, we recommend that you use it when inserting the pump needle.
When adjusting the air of the ball, insert a small amount in the tip of the pump needle before inserting. Smoothly reduces the burden on the air valve. It can prevent drying and prolong it by using it for maintenance of the air valve.
?Maintenance using smoother?
The ball's air valve (umbilical cord) becomes easy to break if it gets dry and hard.Regularly, attach a small amount of this smoother to the tip of the ball pump needle, insert it perpendicularly to the ball, and move the needle up and down several times as it is. Lubricant spreads to the air valves, making drying difficult and lasting longer.
* Please insert the pump needle slowly and vertically against the air hole.
Volume: 5gMaterial: glycerin

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