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Romsports Thin Flexible Hoop R-31-TF

Product Code:R-31-TF-CHOOSE_ONE

More available. Call or email to purchase large quantities.
F.I.G. approved Senior Thin Flexible Hoop by Romsports, Model NumberR-31-TF:
MINIMUM ORDER OF 2 HOOPS - This is to increase stability and prevent damage in shipping

*R-31-TF is more flexible than R-31-F hoops.

This quality Fig approved hoop is light, thinner and flexible, grants you easymobility thanks to the aerodynamic frame.
Romsports high tech Hoop hasmemory technology to remember its original shape.
Weight isapproximately less than 300 grams giving you room to dress up your hoopwith fancy decorative tape.
Please note that a minimum order of 2 hoops is required to ensure safeshipment of your order and packing stability cannot be packed
with aball in the same order unless there are at least six hoops.

The hoop comes in various sizes such as:
81 cm 83 cm 85 cm 87 cm 89 cm
CAD $44.99 /EA
CAD $30.00 /EA
34% discount
Retail price: CAD $60.00 /EA
50% discount
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