Chacott Tripure Blanket 254116-7001-63
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Chacott Tripure Blanket 254116-7001-63

Product Code:CTBLKT


Tripure Blanket by Chacott 254116-7001-63, Model number CTBLKT

Advanced technology Tripure(TM) which trusts each world top athlete is sports technology which was researched and developed for efficiently extracting athletic ability.
Daily training effect can be enhanced by efficiently activating the body for movement.
By using the body well, you can expect an improvement in instantaneous power and endurance, resulting in improved performance.
Also, we can expect warming effect, and support warm-up condition even when we have to wait between lessons. Please try out a mysterious feeling that the potential of physical ability is drawn out.

Tripure(TM) is a leading sports technology that was developed for the purpose of efficiently extracting athletic performance. Make sports conditions active earlier! Expand your possibilities.
To be able to cover the triply mat, with four corners pocket. Even if it is used for warm-up, also as measures against cold.
*There are many ways to use it!
Color: Black
Size: 183 × 65 (cm)
Material: Tripure(TM) (80% polyester, 20% polyurethane)

CAD $167.99 /Ea (1)
Retail price: CAD $198.99 /Ea (1)
16% discount