Chacott Hi-grip Rubber Clubs II (410 mm) (Linkable ends) 301505-0007-98
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Chacott Hi-grip Rubber Clubs II (410 mm) (Linkable ends) 301505-0007-98


F.I.G approved Hi-grip Rubber Clubs II 301505-0007-98 by Chacott, Model Number FCJCHGR:Chacott's rhythmic gymnastic fibre-reinforced rubber clubs are bound to be a sensational performance with beautiful colours, eye-catching design, and FIG certified! The clubs' high-end elastomer (soft memory foam plastic) tips features an excellent weight balance to promote superfluous precision throughout every routine! Each club is flown in from Japan at 410 millimetres in length, and an average weight of 150 grams.

The entire rubber club has been specially painted and evolved gorgeously.
Applying the paint moisturizes the hand and reduces catch mistakes.
Rubber clubS that is safe and does not hurt the body or floor.
Yellow paint in the hollow
Shock absorber (elastomer) makes it hard to bounce even when dropped. Fewer out-of-field deductions due to falling!
Linkable ends enable expending for performance.

It's your turn to shine with the following possible colours: 022 Saxe Blue, 045 Rose and 081 Carrot.

Size: Length 410mm / Weight 150g and above
Material: Shaft: Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene (FRPP), Body and head: Elastomer
Minimum bounce. Eye-catching ends. Connectable hollow head. Safer material.
CAD $263.99 /pair
Retail price: CAD $299.99 /pair
13% discount
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