Chacott Dance Technology

Welcome to Dance with DAME division, where we cater to all your Chacott Dance technology needs. Here at Dance with DAME we want to ensure you find theright Chacott Dance technology that is why we pride ourselves on the factthat we are the exclusive distributor of Chacott in Canada. Rest assuredyou are in good hands here at Dance with DAME because we have over 35years of experience in this industry, feel free to email us with yourquestions and our staff will be glad to assist you.

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Chacott Balance Block Mingu (Regular) 012121-0205-58
  • CAD $95.99 /Ea (1)
  • Retail price CAD $99.99 /Ea (1)
Chacott Dance Band
  • CAD $105.59 /Ea (1)
  • Retail price CAD $142.99 /Ea (1)
Chacott Large Balance Block Mingu 301121-0001-38
  • CAD $167.99 /Ea (1)
  • Retail price CAD $198.99 /Ea (1)